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Healthcare, Technology
The Problem Health insurance elections are a mess... Bernard Health came to CMS several years ago with an idea to bring the complicated world of insurance elections online. Employers were

Rolling Plains Management

RPMC came to us in need of a website redesign. As per the scope, we are working on designing, building, testing, and implementing their new website. Till this stage, we have finalized the UI design

Columbia University

Project Summary: Lamont came to us in need of an upgrade to the latest and most stable version of Drupal. Although this was a purely technical upgrade (Drupal 6 to Drupal 7), Lamont also needed to

North Carolina State University

The Plant Pathology Department of North Carolina State University is one of the best Plant Pathology departments in the world, but they had an outdated, static website. We were hired to redesign


The UCSC Department of Sustainability is responsible for ensuring the healthy environment of the university campus. They needed a new website to help them educate the university community on

RES Software

Enables IT to centrally deliver, manage and secure the key elements of a user's computing experience, independently of their workstyles and devices. Services provided: Drupal Consulting Drupal


ECommerce, Healthcare, Mobile
A simple brochure site blossoms We have worked on several projects for MidlevelU over the years, including their original site. Initially, MidlevelU came to us to create a simple brochure site to

Stanford University

The Project A universal template system An educational powerhouse as big as Stanford needed to ensure that their web products were easy-to-use and fully functional. They hired us to develop their

Tucson Golf


MD Logic

Healthcare, Technology
We have a great relationship with MD Logic, an industry leader in electronic health record systems. We've worked on several projects with them, including the launch of their newly designed website

Black Star News

Becoming a market leader in any sector is a challenge. Black Star News contacted us wanting to re-imagine their website to help them become a leading news source for the African American

Vance-Granville Community College

The Problem When technology outgrows your website... VGCC came to us in September of 2014 seeking a redesign, redevelopment and enhancement of their website. Specifically, they were in need of a


There is a lot of competition in the IT sector these days. It takes an exceptional design to stand out from the crowd and present your message in a compelling way to potential customers.


The Problem A network spread thin Before coming to CMS, Sullair managed 5 independent websites to serve different international markets, including their Global, American, Asian, Australian, and

Integrated Breeding Platform

Education, Technology
The IBP is a collaboration between several groups of administrators, scientists, and educators. It's goal is to help share information needed to effectively grow food crops in regions of Africa

Virtual Contact Center

With our on-demand contact center solution, you can deliver the highest level of service to your customers with earch and very interaction. Services provided: Drupal Consulting Drupal Theming

Everdata Backup

Take backup of your critical phone data within seconds! EverData Backup provides a simple way to take a backup of all your important phone data, like bookmarks, call-logs, short messages, user-

APK Decompiler

APK Decompiler is a free application that allows you to extract the APK files from any application that you have installed on your device and save it to your SD card. With this app you can

Mood Notebook

Mood Notebook is a free application that allows you to track your mood throughout the day, whether you are feeling happy, sad or anxious. Mood Notebook gives you a safe place to write down your

MidlevelU iPhone APP

MidlevelU is a thriving online community of practicing and prospective nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Our mission is to support NPs & PAs from the beginning of their education