The Problem

Health insurance elections are a mess...

Bernard Health came to CMS several years ago with an idea to bring the complicated world of insurance elections online. Employers were constantly dealing with chasing employees around, worrying about effective dates, and struggling to figure out how to handle qualifying events. Meanwhile, it was up to HR employees to call health brokers or insurance companies directly to enter or schedule changes.

Every employer needs a custom solution

Because the needs of every business, company, or organization are unique, its often very time consuming to advise a vast array of clients. Bernard Health thought there was a way to create a system that could anticipate the needs of their clients and deliver a solution automatically without using a lot of resources.

The Solution

A product that evolves with the industry

To tackle this complex topic, we needed to work not only with multiple insurance carriers, but also Bernard’s clients and employees. We created a comprehensive insurance portal which allows employers to easily set up insurance benefits and allow employees to sign up for insurance plans that fit their individual needs. The Bernie Portal empowers employers, employees, and insurance brokers to manage entire company insurance elections without any need for paperwork.

To support the ever-changing needs on the healthcare front, we worked in development features that ensure the product is compatible and delivers the most current data available from carriers.

The Result

Launching to success

After launch, the Bernie Portal proved to be a success, allowing Bernard Health access to additional income streams from Portal subscriptions, and freed crucial employee resources by cutting down on the need for one-on-one support for each client. CMS has continually supported Bernard Health the whole way, providing continual updates as insurance regulations and requirements change. The Bernie Portal now serves over 10,000 users.

As the Portal continues to go, so does the feature set. We are working hard to incorporate the latest ideas from the Bernard Health team as well as their clients.

Main Features

The Portal contains countless customized features. Below are a list of features that were particularly important to the success of the platform.

Software-as-a-service platform

To maintain control over future updates and development, we launched the Portal via an internet web portal.

Multiple levels of users

Brokers, Employers, and Employees all have their own BerniePortal accounts.

Spreadsheet data import & export

HR departments can integrate Portal information for use in their own workflows.

Automatic PDF report generation

For digital archiving and printing, reports could be exported via PDF.

Data analytics

To help employers make better choices, the Portal periodically analyzes usage statistics and reports them to each administrator.

Insurance company integration

Complex insurance protocols and rules are accounted for to ensure Employers can work directly with insurance companies.

Project Screens

Check out examples of the BerniePortal interface design below.


"CMS helped us create an amazing product with our Bernie Portal. Bernard Health works in one of the most dynamic and fickle aspects of the healthcare industry: insurance coverage. We needed a system that could change according to requirements of the insurance companies we work with, as well as the needs of our clients. CMS created an application that takes a complicated workflow and makes it user-friendly for all."

Alex Tolbert, Bernard Health

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