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The Problem

Winner of America’s Star Libraries in 2011 and special mention in Library Journal’s of the year 2013, OCEAN COUNTY LIBRARY was facing difficulties in maintaining the website.

Being the oldest community in America, OCL has been transforming lives through the power of information, stories, and knowledge from the last 89 years.

With 21 branches conveying specific information in different locations, each branch wanted to feature its own front page to serve a larger local audience. Since it helps all kind of audience, it needed a layout that can appeal to everyone.

Therefore, OCL needed a responsive and flexible design that can support the content migration of 20 different categories present on the website.

In short, they needed a new site with a modern design and improved functionalities.

In search of affordable website service providers, OCL got us, CMS Website Services who took every challenge head-on and gave new look, design, CMS and security features to OCL’s website.

The Solution

We built and designed a Drupal website for OCL and ensured easy access to their all 20 categories, buttons, tabs, links, etc. We also redesigned their homepage and highlighted all 21 library branches in a limited space.

We added links to Google Maps to ensure that the site is navigable when accessed on any device. Each required element was fit to right places with an only motive to improve website layout.

To make it more intuitive, we integrated third-party apps and software of calendar, catalogs, etc. with our Drupal integration services. Finally, with a new Drupal CMS, all the website content was migrated in a hassle-free manner.

Website Features

  • High Responsiveness: The website runs on all platforms like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, etc.
  • Easy Content Management: Display content efficiently and beautifully in different web layouts. Content migration was successful!
  • High Securities: It resolves various security vulnerabilities for secured online business.
  • Ease of Integration: The website has scope for online content selling and online payment with plug-in integrations.
  • Multilingual accessibility: The website offers translation in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.


David Evans, Head of Technology in OCL said, “The website’s intuitive CMS provided room for growth, and we highly appreciate the changes. Now the public is more aware of our services and the type of information we deliver online. Also, internally, we have control over the website.”

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