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latest 7 technology trends
Jun 03 2020

7 Technology Trends That Will Disrupt Your Business In 2020

“Around 40% of businesses in the world will not survive in the next 10 years if they don’t invest in tech stacks and use new technologies.” - by Bill Gates! It is Rightly said because technology transformation leads to evolution, and bring out a revolution in our lives. This happened with the computer tech, then with the smartphone. Looking at the current scenarios of 2020, we have an ample…
Android 11 beta release postponed
Jun 01 2020

Android 11 Release Postponed; Google Pushes Android 11 Beta Launch Show!

The current Android version, Android 10 gave new wings to the operating systems last year! With Android 10, we get dark mode (night mode), many app permission changes, and marked Google's name with a new Android logo/brand. Android 10 is a mature operating system that is now being carried to Android 11, the latest Android version.  In a world where COVID-19 is leading to cancel every single…
Magento Imagine 2020 Canceled Due To Coronavirus
May 29 2020

Magento Imagine 2020 Canceled Due To Coronavirus?

There is a lot of concern over COVID-19’s rapid spread. It has not only taken the lives of hundreds of thousands but from the last 2-3 months, this novel Coronavirus has become difficult for all the hurdles for businesses; especially the tech companies. Tech giants like Adobe, Facebook, and Google canceled their major conferences due to this respiratory disorder to increase the awareness for…
Benefits Of Native Mobile Application Development
May 27 2020

10 Most Effective Benefits Of Native Mobile Application Development

In this Digital age of applications, software, and online tools, the maximum use is of mobile devices. Furthermore, the companies, businesses, organizations, and enterprises use mobile, the most prioritized is a hybrid mobile app development and native mobile app development. Building a cellphone app has ended up top precedence for many organizations, however, it’s often difficult to pick out a…
Challenges IT Companies Have To Face
May 25 2020

Top 5 Challenges IT Companies Have To Face After COVID-19 Pandemic Times Are Over

The coronavirus pandemic has created demanding situations in actually each thing of the business, in ways few people may want to have imagined just a few short months ago. IT is without a doubt no exception, with CIOs and other era leaders operating overtime to address the disruptions, aid the business, and keep to steer variations into unsure futures. As the world governments are making…
Web Based Video Conferencing Solutions
May 22 2020

How Web-Based Video Conferencing Solutions Make Businesses Productive & Profitable?

The modern enterprise is extremely aggressive because of globalization and the huge investments needed in technology. Just to stay in advance, a commercial enterprise makes good use of new technology. One of the brand new technologies that modern corporations are locating extremely useful is the Web or Video Conferencing system. Video conferencing solutions have become a major part of doing…

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