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salesforce spring 2020
Mar 30 2020

What Are The Salesforce Spring 20 Features?

From the last couple of years, Cloud Computing technologies have increased a lot. Furthermore, their usage in the world of business is clearly now noticeable. Among many technologies, one technology that is having a great impact on businesses in the Salesforce! Before Salesforce, the CRM solutions were installed, hosted on the company’s server. However, the Salesforce replaced this installation…
blockchain in logistics industry & supply chain
Mar 27 2020

How Blockchain Will Transform the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry?

Documentation problems, transparency issues, and goods traceability complications in the supply chain and logistics industry can be solved by using a modern technology-based system. Logistics and supply chain is the world’s biggest industry that connects every country of the globe. Thus, managing such a big industry needs extraordinary methods and ways beyond paper and pen-based trails. Related…
open-source for eCommerce
Mar 25 2020

Best 7 eCommerce Open-source CMS Platforms In 2020

You must probably have seen eCommerce open-source CMS platforms in the website development industry. As the name suggests, CMS stands for the content management system, i.e., building websites that entirely focuses on content. Many website builders use website building platforms that are open-source for eCommerce business websites. Furthermore, there is the top eCommerce development company in…
CRM software for real estate agents
Mar 23 2020

Do Real Estate Agents Need CRM Software In Their Business?

Today, more businesses prefer Customer Relationship Management CRM software for real estate. Businesses believe CRM to be an excellent solution that have the potential to make interactive and effective communication with potential customers and generated leads.   CRM software for real estate agents can act as a strategic tool that will help the businesses to nurture and convert the leads and…
Artificial Intelligence Increase Your eCommerce Website Customers
Mar 23 2020

Can Artificial Intelligence Increase Your eCommerce Website Customers?

Artificial Intelligence or AI has started to embed itself in the various aspects of our lives from smart wearable devices, smart cars, to smart business software. Currently, AI is trending and integrable in almost all business processes belonging to any industry. In America, AI is everywhere right from a CCTV camera on a lamp post to cybersecurity measures and security checks at the Airport, AI…
Top 20 .net framework libraries
Mar 11 2020

Top 20 .Net Core Libraries Every Developer Should Know

In the website and app development industry, the competition is gradually increasing with each passing day. The competition is more stuff now than ever before. The thought of staying ahead is in everyone’s minds. Thus, the use of cutting edge technologies and the latest inventions have become more important! 18 years ago in the year 2002, Microsoft understood the pain of every customer-centric…

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