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Our comprehensive set of sophisticated blockchain development services and document processing is supported by internet-friendly RESTful APIs that facilitate the collaboration. CMS provides you 2 dynamic blockchain applications APIs fully capable of supporting public, private, or permission blockchain technology including Bitcoin, Multichain, Etehreum, or Hyperledger.


We have extensively simplified the BlockChain technologies and untied the complex knots to reduce complicating while multiplying benefits

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Why should you choose us?

Now you can add, capture or document the function within hours (Not Weeks). Use saved efforts and bandwidth for developing core products. Provide best functions to our clients to widen customer base and increase returns. Customized, purpose-built solutions offer maximum RoI to your end clients and keep them happy. Of course, that means widening your regular clientele.

CMS provides you easy yet powerful blockchain technology applications API promising seamless performance across multiple Blockchain development platforms for irreversible data storage. Here are other benefits:




  • Extended Data Utilization Capabilities
  • A streamlined way to store related data like transactions and entries using Content chains
  • Link data entries in one chain to another chain with our extended data linking capabilities
  • Supports multiple public, private, and permission blockchain development technology applications including but not limited to Multichain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Hyperledger
  • Maximum Security, Guaranteed
  • Comprehensive documentation of each and every function
  • Prove disprove the file or content existence at any specific point in time
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  • Interactive testing using our own API console
  • Prove disprove the tampering of content r files with confidence.
  • All the solutions/APIs are fully backed by the public, private or permission blockchain including etehreum, hyper ledger or Bitcoin
  • As just the hashes are used, rest assured that there won’t be any data leakage on public BlockChain technology companies, at any point in time
  • Irreversible content storage
  • Precise technique for content-based ID generation supporting multiple Blockchains development services platform and based on diverse content on and off blockchain

We make things Easier for you

  • Just submit us a file or stream and we will do the needful to register hashes of your own content. Alternatively, you can also provide the hash yourself.
  • Comprehensive documentation of all the APIs with updated technical documentation, a real-time trial provision on API console and sample code availability.
  • Enjoy hassle-free integration across many popular programming languages using our dynamic SDKs that seamlessly supports C#, Java, HP and many other programming languages
  • Sophisticated  SDKs for every popular programming language/frameworks for easy release and hassle-free distribution
  • Now easily prove/disprove existence of digital data/documents at any specific point in time
  • Hassle free registration and verification of document


But there (still) is more..
By the very definition the APIs tend to be flexible and customizable, so don’t hesitate to connect with
us for any specific AI that you cannot see here. We excel at creating client-specific APIs to suit their
specific needs.

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