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Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Regardless of whether we developed your website, software or application, our experts are fully equipped to handle any maintenance & support request you have. From meeting tight deadlines to scheduled maintenance or emergency support, we are here when you need us.

Ongoing Website Maintenance and support Services

Pre-Paid Maintenance & Support Plans

We offer flexible support options that are custom designed to provide you with as much or as little support as you need, when you need it. Whether you choose dedicated or priority-based support, you can fully customize either plan to meet your needs and budget. View our support options below and get in touch today to keep your site moving in the right direction!

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support means that you are provided with a dedicated resource who is always available to handle any emergency or support request that you have. You are provided with a certain amount of work hours based on your needs and any additional hours required are available at a discounted rate. Dedicated support is charged on either a monthly or yearly basis.

Priority-Based Support

Priority-based support means that you will create a ticket for any work you need and we’ll assign a resource to complete your request on a first come first serve basis. You can purchase priority based support in buckets of hours (10/20/50/100), where the more you buy the greater the discount rate. Priority-based support is charged on an hourly basis.

How We Do This?

Online Ticketing System

We use the online project management tool Basecamp to monitor all of your requests.

Time Tracking

All time is tracked and any hours left over will be waiting for you the next time you need support.

Flexible SLA

In addition to our standard SLA (Service Level Agreement), we can offer you an SLA that meets your specific business needs.

Quality Assurance

Prior to reporting a task completion, we conduct extensive testing in our testing environment for quality assurance.


Each project includes signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which safeguards any confidential information.

Maintenance & Support Services

Maintenance & Security

Ensure that your site remains secure, up-to-date and functional with regular maintenance and security support. We offer a full range of maintenance and security services including security monitoring, maintenance upkeep, automatic backups, 24/7 emergency support, security audits, security updates, site audits, performance monitoring, performance tuning, and much more.


Take advantage of latest core improvements, enhance your existing features and/or improve any weak points in your site with a upgrade. We can upgrade your entire site, or we can just upgrade your modules (plug-ins), features or core.

 Feature Enhancements & Additions

Make your site more powerful by adding new features or improving your sites existing features. Features that include responsive web design, SEO, navigation and much more.

Design Updates

Get ongoing design updates to keep your site fresh and modern. We offer a full range of design services, including: theme design, graphic design, template design and much more.

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