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Custom Software Development Services

We offer Full Fledged, Cost-Effective, Quick and User-friendly Custom Software
Solutions That Suit your Specific Needs.
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At CMS we offer custom-made software that suits your specific needs and fit well into your corporate culture. Our expert professionals are well aware of the demands of the client and are able to create the excellent solutions that prove their utility value across different niches and are affordable for different budgets.
We create awesome solutions that don’t cost you huge sums or require you to go through any complicated learning curve.

What Makes CMS Outstanding
In The World of Competitors?

Full Ownership

We take the full ownership of your technical requirements so they should concentrate one pointedly on your main business.

Cream Talent

CMS proudly houses the certified software experts with the deep industry experience and accreditation by authenticity testing organizations to help you enjoy the maximum benefits of customized software solutions.

Professional Knowledge

Our seasoned experts are a pro when it comes to the knowledge and 360 degree utilization of various technologies to support the cost efficiency, usability and uncompromised performance of our end products.

Extensive Testing Sessions

We conduct extensive testing sessions during each point of our development process. Therefore,each of our product has gone through a wide and varied testing sessions to fine-tune it and firmly establish its real life viability.

High quality process structure

We have the well formulated pre- customization and post customization processes to ensure that each single phase of your customization pores should get the bets of our attention and performance.

Seamless Integration

We personally manage and supervise the integration capability of each of our products to minimize the technical complexities.

Fair Pricing

We always strive to the best prices to our clients in order to ensures that budget should never be barrier that is why we develop practically viable strategy to lower down the prices.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


Our expert developers create clean, quality code to meet your current needs, as well as facilitate your future needs.All of our custom software solutions are not only built to spec, but they are also scalable, reliable, and robust.


Our experienced team of Software Development Professionals have been serving clients globally. Since 2006, we have successfully completed over 500+ custom software projects for clients in different industry domains.


We believe in providing a high level of transparency right from the development process to sharing updates on work to the cost breakdown of every dollar spent, there will be no surprises or hidden fees.


Whether it is Responsive website development or SAAS/ERP/CRM platform development we have some of the best and easy to use solutions for you at the most inviting prices.

Software Services that we offer to Our Clients

Software Services

We are one of The Top Software Development Companies
That Offers Full Fledged, Cost-Effective,
Quick and User-friendly Custom Software Solutions That Suits your Specific Needs.

Who We Have Helped

Our team brings a wide-range of technical skills from years of experience developing and implementing hundreds of custom software solutions for a variety of business needs. Although every custom software solution we create is unique to the business we created it for, our custom software solutions streamline decision making and/or free workforce from repetitive or difficult processes so they can concentrate on running, improving, and growing your business. Here are some examples of complex automation solutions that our technology team helped to create.

Case Study : Stradix

Case Study : Stradix

CMS designed and developed a cloud-based scheduling system for their company, one that would allow administrators, doctors, patients, and scheduling staff access to the information they needed on demand. The system automatically sends reminder messages to the appropriate office branches when patients need appointments and delivers daily itineraries to each branch's staff. In addition to scheduling, the system also holds and maintains medical records for each patient. Doctors can view and maintain this documentation directly from their computers, saving valuable time. Lastly, administrators can get instant access to contact databases as well as appointment data to analyze the efficiency of each office branch.

Main features: Cloud-based hosting, Appointment scheduling & reminders, Digital medical record archive, Integrated messaging & communication, Multiple user tiers, Data analytics

Case Study
Case Study : Bernard Health

Case Study : Bernard Health

Bernard Health came to CMS several years ago with an idea to bring the complicated world of insurance elections online. Bernard Health thought there was a way to create a system that could anticipate the needs of their clients and deliver a solution automatically without using a lot of resources.

Main features: Software-as-a-Service Platform, Multiple Levels of Users, Spreadsheet Data Import & Export, Automatic PDF Report Generation, Data Analytics and Insurance Company Integration.

Case Study : Bernard Health