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Data Science In Agriculture
Feb 18 2021

Role of Data Science In Agriculture

The total population on earth would become 9.3 billion by the end of 2050. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) predicts the development of farming to be expanded by 70% to serve the projected interest as the population grows. Data science is changing the manner in which agricultural experts and farmers have been deciding. Upon analyzing data, it can be utilized in the collected mass to…
Benefits of Technology in Education
Feb 05 2021

5 Benefits of Technology in Education

Technology = Innovation has changed life as far as we might be concerned, and the homeroom appears to be a lot of unique than it did use to a long time back. Customary writing slates have been supplanted with advanced whiteboards, and study halls have an overflow of iPads. Wherever you tech is ruling the world!  Is this progression to the weakness of your understudies, or does it advantage…
Future of Virtual Reality
Jan 08 2021

The Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been gaining a lot of ground in many different aspects of our everyday lives. VR is also an immersive technology where the user uses a headset to enter into a new world. A user might find him/her surrounded by different objects and 3D items. It is used in games and entertainment. VR is likewise an extraordinary choice for improving your product development. You could plan…
features of blockchain technology
Nov 20 2020

6 Key Features Of Blockchain Technology

Due to previous years' progress of blockchain features and benefits, the technology has earned the title of 'Most Transparent & Immutable Technology'. Currently, blockchain along with artificial intelligence and machine learning is helping the human race to fight with COVID-19 Coronavirus. the objectives of blockchain technology are crystal clear as it helps us in our daily life tasks. Thus,…
Technologies In Healthcare
Nov 06 2020

Stats & Figures On the Most Critical Technologies In Healthcare

Impact of healthcare technology is crucial because the technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain development, augmented reality, virtual reality, nanotechnology, telemedicine, 3D printing, robotics surgery, mobile healthcare apps, all forms an ecosystem of tech advancements in the healthcare industry. The point is how the IT and healthcare software solutions…
Android app development - kotlin vs java
Oct 09 2020

Best Choice for Android app development - kotlin vs java

A little piece of code written in Kotlin looks very smaller in comparison to Java. The Kotlin code has fewer bugs and errors in it. Also, the compilation, optimization, and execution of code are easy in Kotlin’s Android studio then in Java’s JVM. Not only this, but there are many other benefits provided by Kotlin which Java can’t perform for the betterment of Android app development. Let’s check…

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