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restaurant mobile app features
Sep 11 2020

Top 5 Features You Should Add In Your Restaurant Mobile App

Features are the main ingredients or components of any mobile app. Restaurant apps are on a boom and to survive in the competition you must have these features to help grow in the competition. What are the features a perfect restaurant mobile app must have? We bring you some major vital features for reinforcing the restaurant business within the mobile era.
artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare infographic
Sep 08 2020

9 Amazing ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare

Artificial intelligence in healthcare refers to the use of complex algorithms designed to perform certain tasks in an automated fashion to help researchers, doctors, and scientists. Here find the benefits of AI in healthcare, know the role of AI technologies, and see what is the future of AI in healthcare?
Technology in Tourism Industry
Sep 03 2020

Technology in Tourism Industry

Travel Technology commonly called tourism generation technology is a cluster of software of IT - Information Technology or ICT - Information and Communication Technology to run the sectors like hospitality, travel, tourism, tours. Let’s check out the tourism technology trends and what is its impact of technology in the tourism industry?

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