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The Problem

When technology outgrows your website...

VGCC came to us in September of 2014 seeking a redesign, redevelopment and enhancement of their website. Specifically, they were in need of a content management system (CMS) that could handle their content rich site and add some much needed features and functionality to their website.

The Solution

In order to meet all of VGCC's requirements, we built their website using the Drupal CMS Platform. Specifically, Drupal ensured that the VGCC staff could easily input a multitude of content variety and allow them access control so that editors could be responsible for discreet parts of the site.

The complexity of the project

The main hurdle of this project was the complexity of VGCC’s data migration. Their old website employed a “cold fusion” framework, which used a combination of HTML and random external databases.

How we addressed the problem

Our team worked closely with VGCC to export all of the older content and combine it into a single unified database for use on their new website. We also ensured that legacy databases that needed to be maintained would work properly with their new site.

Building for the future

We structured VGCC’s system to meet future expansions and scalability, while not disturbing the current structure and system that was already in place. To address the ever-growing mobile market, we designed a responsive website for VGCC. We took their brand colors, existing design concepts and content to make a mobile responsive site that pushed VGCC into the modern web age.

The Result

Launching to success

We migrated VGCC’s new site to a dedicated hosting platform and oversaw the official public launch. After launch, VGCC now has an enhanced site that makes it easier and more flexible to manage content. Not to mention they have a better and friendlier user interface.
Going forward, we will continue to work on adding new features and functionality based on the future needs of their website.

Main Features

The VGCC website contains countless customized features. Below are a list of features that were particularly important to the success of the platform.
  • Responsive Web Design

    The VGCC site is compatible with all devices and screen sizes.
  • Multiple levels of users

    Admins can allow editors to change select parts of the site.
  • Information Architecture

    We worked with VGCC to build a clear plan for content structure and layout.
  • Content migration

    We interfaced with old databases to move content to the new site.
  • Registration system

    Departments can schedule and allow users to sign up for classes.
  • Expandability

    Admins can customize and change core aspects of the site to expand into the future.

Project Screens

Check out examples of the interface design below.


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