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kotlin vs java
Oct 01 2020

Which is Better for Android Development - Kotlin Vs Java?

JAVA is the undisputed programming language for a long time, but Android has always been wanting a cutting edge language. For this, KOTLIN came into existence! Today, Kotlin is now known as the official language for Android development. Many top mobile application development companies in USA to date confuses in between mobile app programming languages. While java programming is the oldest, the…
tips for generation the valuable leads
Sep 28 2020

7 Sales Tips for Generating Valuable Leads for your Company

To create a bigger business in a market of potential opportunities, you must have n number of clients and daily leads. When it comes to create leads in the business, we need to invest more in the marketing funnel. Actually, sales are the result of marketing and the work done by lead strategists! A targeted marketing effort on different groups of audiences with the best lead generation tactics…
Grow your eCommerce Business
Sep 24 2020

6 Smart Insights to Grow your eCommerce Business Everyday

There are millions of eCommerce websites and hundreds of best eCommerce apps across the globe. As an eCommerce startup owner, you will get a tough competition. However, the overwhelming competition indicates higher demand. If you can find a void in the existing eCommerce market and carve out a way to reach a larger target audience, then be happy; you are going to do a good eCommerce business.…
Fantasy Sports App Development
Sep 21 2020

Key Features of Fantasy Sports App Development

The idea of choosing players, making teams, and running a contest is 50-years old. The first fantasy sports platform was pen-paper based that involved an Oakland businessman, Wilfred Winkenbach at the end of the 1950s. However, in today’s modern era, Yahoo, ESPN, CNN, etc. are the flagship companies in making fantasy sports more popular. The rise in these apps directly brings people close to the…
AI technology platforms
Sep 18 2020

The Social Network Part 2 In The Age Of AI!

How much do you rely on social media platforms as an audience or to build an audience? Do you use social media to drive engagement to your business websites and applications? Have you ever thought if social media can coexist with Artificial Intelligence tools to support business and grow revenue by many folds? No, then you will get answers to all these questions! In this post, you will learn how…
Increase Software Development Productivity
Sep 16 2020

Top 10 Ways To Increase Software Development Productivity

Surviving in today’s competitive software development market is actually now a typical job. Organizations and companies need to work vigorously on their software building capabilities just to deliver the best software services to the clients worldwide in a budget-friendly manner. If you think to dodge the use of the latest technologies and create a software product with an old-tech stack, then…

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