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Machine Learning and AI transform Banking
Oct 20 2020

How Machine Learning and AI transform Banking?

We are living in critical times, where everything is being automated. The digital transformation is so clearly visible to all of us that the modern banks and legacy business systems are investing more in tech automation. When we talk about technology and automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are said to be the driving force behind the risk-free digital transformation…
AI Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry
Oct 16 2020

How AI is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry

“Health is wealth!” We have known this saying for hundreds of decades. But, only 20 to 30% of the world actually have a healthy routine, and the remaining 70% don’t even do any physical activity, other than walking. In fact, adults don’t pay any attention to their fitness and get health issues at an early age. Despite these, the past few months saw people turning to their fitness and wellness.…
Top B2B Companies in north carolina
Oct 13 2020

CMS Website Services Named Top B2B Company on Ranking Site, Clutch

Every IT and Software Development company tries to commit itself to the concept of Agility, to the five fundamental principles of Agile methodology - Planning, Development, Delivery, Maintenance, and Continous Improvement. But, not every company is fully able to justify itself to the required collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams with customers and clients. Thus,…
rules of responsive design
Oct 12 2020

Best Practices for Responsible Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, every customer and client want to access websites on the smartphone. Around 50% of traffic on any website comes from mobile devices. Therefore, it is very essential to keep a single website design for all devices, platforms, operating systems, and different screen resolutions. In the field of website design and development, nobody wants to design different UI/UX and write codes…
about healthcare crm
Oct 08 2020

Everything About Healthcare CRM - Features, Use Cases, and Development Method!

Patients nowadays expect easy access to the highly personalized healthcare system and services, with proper privacy, security, and fewer challenges. They look more informed and meticulously involved in selecting their healthcare providers. However, due to the, current COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and loosely molded healthcare systems the world governments are unable to maintain a 360-degree…
Automotive Apps You Should Build
Oct 05 2020

What Automotive Apps You Should Build to Grow The Revenue?

The giant tech companies last year were very vocal about automation and automotive via IoT, AI, Blockchain, SaaS, Cloud Computing, etc. They never knew that COVID-19 Coronavirus will give them a real-time opportunity to automate businesses and business systems using mobile applications. Yes, automation and automotive is today's situational demand due to the pandemic and is now turning to become…

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