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Choose For Your Business Hybrid VS Native App
Nov 24 2020

Which One To Choose For Your Business Hybrid VS Native App?

According to the recent stats, the total number of smartphone users in the world is around 5 billion and the worldwide smartphone shipment has crossed 350 million. By the end of 2021, it is expected that it will cross 420 million. Clearly, we live in a strong mobile presence world! Currently, there are around 3 million applications on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It’s a powerful stat…
Blockchain Transforming Software Development Process
Nov 19 2020

How Blockchain Is Transforming the Software Development Process

Blockchain is currently a very famous word among the IT, internet, and development companies. The idea of blockchain technology evolved into crypto-trading platforms, data security platforms, healthcare automation, and many more. Nowadays, more and more startup companies, software developers, freelancers, etc are using blockchain database in the software development process. Today, the IT…
How 5g changes everything
Nov 17 2020

How 5G Changes Everything for Mobile App Development?

Internet technologies are growing day by day. Currently, the excitement is about 5G, which is upending our lifestyle. 5G is said to be the fastest internet connectivity that will bring the fourth industrial revolution as it offers a multitude of new business opportunities in industries. The one industry, which 5G will impact to bring out new changes drastically is app development; especially,…
Essential Android Phone Settings
Nov 12 2020

10 Essential Android Phone Settings to Keep Device Secure

People say that the most secure smartphones are iOS smartphones, Apple devices. What you don’t know is that the latest version of iOS 11 got breached after a day it was launched. It means that the most secure smartphone is Android. Heck, no! Android is always under constant attacks from cyber criminals, spam messages, viruses, malware, etc. Mostly, the older version of Android is more vulnerable…
Things You Should Know about Dot Net Framework
Nov 09 2020

5 Things You Should Know about Dot Net Framework

In the 21st-century, “Digitalization” and “Highly Secure” are two real buzzwords. As the world steps into full use of technologies and automation, people are now more conscious about the security of their internet applications, programs, and electronic devices. The tug war continues between Cybersecurity and Cyber Attacks. Between all this, the highly secure ASP .NET frameworks are gaining…
Technology Need Across the Healthcare
Nov 06 2020

Most Critical Technology Need Across the Healthcare?

Currently, if you notice the overall healthcare system, you see a quick process of patient care using automation and digitalization via technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, Telemedicine, 3D Printing, Robotics, and Nanotechnology. The patient healthcare system is commercial from a business point of view. Also, it’s affordable for all! The only need of the hour is to familiarize ourselves…

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