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We have been helping healthcare software and service providers of all sizes design, build and maintain cutting edge, cost-effective healthcare solutions that can quickly adapt with the rapidly changing standards of the healthcare industry. Our work includes a wide range of projects, from an easy-to-use online health record database that improves physician efficiency and patient care to a cloud based scheduling system that gives administrators, doctors, patients, and scheduling staff access to the information they need on demand.

Whether you want to launch a new healthcare site or create a mobile app, we can deliver customized healthcare solutions that are robust enough to meet the unique needs of your healthcare organization.

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Our Work Includes

Cloud-Based Scheduling System

Our work includes creating a cloud-based scheduling system that allows administrators, doctors, patients, and scheduling staff access to the information they need on demand. In addition to scheduling, the system also holds and maintains medical records for each patient which allows doctors to view and maintain documentation directly from their computers, saving valuable time.

Healthcare Insurance Portal

We created a comprehensive insurance portal which allows employers to easily set up insurance benefits and employees to sign up for insurance plans that fit their individual needs. It empowers employers, employees, and insurance brokers to manage entire company insurance elections without any need for paperwork and one-on-one support for each client.

Android and iOS Mobile App

We created a high-quality iOS and Android mobile app for a thriving online community of practicing and prospective nurse practitioners and physician assistants. This app delivers educational articles that support NPs & PAs from the beginning of their education throughout their careers.

Online Health Record Database

Our expert team worked closely with one of the world's leading providers of Electronic Health Record systems create an online health records database. This database allows physicians to store patient records online, which ultimately improves efficiency and patient care.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Currently we provide many healthcare practices, businesses and organizations with HIPAA compliant hosting solutions, including: cloud hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, and disaster recovery and backup. Our HIPAA compliant solutions allow our clients to meet HIPAA compliance standards and withstand government scrutiny.

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