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5 Best Text Editors to Facilitate Working in Laravel Framework

Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks for PHP projects and over a period of time it has proven its mettle. The simplicity, ease, efficiency and versatility offered by this open source php freedom have endeared it to a number of php programmers. However, to use this framework you need text editor. As text editor plays a key role in the entire process of coding, it is important to know some of the best code editors for Laravel. Let us know about 5 best editors that would further enhance the ease offered by Laravel framework:

PHP storm

PHP storm is trusted by many programmers to be the ultimate editor to work with Laravel framework as it offers a wholesome package of simplicity, versatility, efficiency and scalability. frameworks including (but not at all limited to) popular names like Zend Framework, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Symfony Joomla! And, of course, Laravel! Needless to say it is just a fraction of the entire list! PHP storm is specifically designed to learn the code at the deep level. Thus it can understand the comprehensive structure of every PHP framework and can work equally well across a various PHP project types. It offers the finest programming solution as it can excellently manage various coding jobs including strong code completion, refactoring and instant error deterrence. PHP Storm is fully compatible with PHP and works hassle-free with Databases or SQL. It comes with a complete collection of useful WebStorm features allowing it to work smoothly.

Sublime Text

Simplicity is the major advantage offered by Sublime Text. Complexity makes a programmers’ life difficult and the repetitive processes further increase the chances of human error. So, Sublime text is specifically structured to facilitate code writing. It takes extensibility to the next level and also allows you to download its evaluation version from its company website. You need to first install the package control. Then enable it in Sublime Text. The download and installation process is quite simple.


Coding is the backbone of any programming language. However, writing codes is no fun and even the most experienced programmers are prone to mistakes. A single mistake can ruin the entire efforts as it is difficult to locate the error in many cases and one may need to change subsequent codes too while rectifying the error. That’s why Netbeans is loaded with a variety of marking, formatting and highlighting tools that makes tracking easier like semantic and syntactic code highlighting, code folding and formatting. It also offers other excellent features for various phases of php project. A special mention goes to code folding, Laravel documentation (popup), occurrences and exit points marking and smart method prefiling parameter. Other features include pop-up Laravel documentation, rectangular selection, and smart catch or try code completion.


Seamless Integration and extreme customization are 2 major almost every programmer aspires for. Atom is nearly perfect PHP IDE that can easily be installed. It is simple to use even for novice programmers. It is a brainchild of GitHub that enjoys an undisputable reputation in the industry. This open source IDE comes with a versatile collection of plugging offering it added functionality. Just a single plug-in installment is required to use it with Laravel framework. Laravel 5 snippets would be added automatically upon installing this plug-in. It requires medium resource usage and is ideal for the busy programmers are looking to eliminate the unnecessary complexity from their programming schedule.


Every coding programmer dreams of streamlining tasks so that he should not have to involve himself manually at micro-level. If you are also among them then Codelobster is the perfect IE for you. It streamlines the development route of your PHP projects thus saving you from remembering intricate details like arguments, attributes, tags and function names. Its auto complete features allow Codelobster to implement all these details on its own. Apart from PHP these features also supports CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It offers Help Control option that can also be accessed through keyboard by pressing F1 key.

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