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Jul 26 2017

Should you opt for or

WordPress is a wonderful platform that has actually revolutionized the way the content is presented on the internet. Initially, it was highly popular with bloggers due to a unique visual appeal it

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Jul 18 2017

5 Practical ways in which IoT can help the businesses

One of the most quoted terms in today’s digital world is Internet of Things or IoT as is popularly called in IT parlance. A very simple and direct definition of IoT is

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Jul 14 2017

5 Major industries benefitted by IoT

There are a number of innovative ways in which the IoT or Internet of things is helping the businesses to stay ahead in the competition and take their productivity and profitability to the next

Jun 30 2017

Why Drupal is the best secured CMS- Digging the details – Part 1

As the cyber attacks are becoming more and more common now a days and a host of biggest websites are also becoming the victim of hacking, the people are growing suspicious about the security of

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Jun 01 2017

5 best modules for converting your Drupal site in a power online store

If your business website is powered by Drupal and you now want to transform it into a fully-fledged e-commerce site/online store, then you can consider using a wide array of Drupal modules that

Drupal 7
May 17 2017

What is hook and How to add a hook in Drupal 7?

This is the general question when you start learning the drupal hooks. So, if you want to know how to create and add a hook in Drupal 7 then this is the ideal article for you:

What is Hook