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Needo Usa

Needo USA is a property management software which helps property managers and contracters organize and manage all aspects of the work flow process from subcontractor to accounts receivables manager, Organize property, Job pricing, scheduling,Property estimates, invoices etc.
The software consists of two major accounts:-
  1. Property management Company Account (PMC)
  2. Contractor company account (CC)
Admin adds properties for each PMC and add PMC admin, property managers and service managers
Admin adds CC which works on the jobs and assign CC to PMC
Major Features performed through this software are :-
  1. Contractor Networking In a single dashboard you can build your network of skilled workers, contractors and employees.
  2. Cost Management For each job,Streamline labor and material costs maximizing job profitability.
  3. Quick Estimates Keep track of current pricing standards
  4. Calendar Scheduling Keep track of all company employee’s, contractor’s or subcontractor’s availability and job progress
  5. Fast Invoicing Manage rates and receipts directly sent to the company’s receivable department minimizing invoice wait time.
Services Provided:-
  1. Complete Software development
  2. Design Responsive frontend and backend

Project Screens

Check out examples of the Bcause LLC interface design below.

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